2012… in our sights

I welcome it.  What about you?

What am I looking forward to?

Last year, when the ball dropped and my Dad and I were slightly drunk, doing our best not to laugh at poor Dick Clark (come on, why do they still let him do the show???) I never thought I’d be where I am today.  Last year, compared to now, I was a baby.  I was a child with a pencil and a short story idea.  And that’s all I had – ideas.

2011 let me bring those ideas to life.  Pencils to pens to keyboards to manuscripts… to state documents to registering an actual company to seeing books hit the virtual world and become paperback books.  To seeing reviews pour in – some good, some bad (each one thickening my heart and skin).  To seeing numbers climb, fall, climb, fall, and climb… to seeing the actual bigger picture of this business and how to focus on it as a business and actually turn a profit.   Continue reading

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Bowie Ibarra reviews The Failed!!!!

I was quite shocked when one of my favorite horror/zombies authors agreed to not only read The Failed, but took the time to write up a quick review.

Bowie Ibarra is awesome and this is what he had to say about The Failed:

Jim Bronyaur contributes a great first entry into the zombieverse with “The Failed”.  Bronyaur is a craftsman with words, and “The Failed” is a tremendous story filled not only with the requisite scenes of zombie horror, but a well-told story with deep characters and quality storytelling.  The devilish cruelty of the opening pages is just the beginning of a zombie story that is certain to be a standard of zombie horror.



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Social sharing…

This is an interesting article shared to me by a friend.

Social sharing for 2011…

What it shows for me is that there isn’t just one venue for sharing anymore, or at least one venue that does it all.  Facebook had more sharing than anyone else.  Google was down, Twitter was up a little, and Tumblr exploded into the 1,000%+ growth.

Tumblr is an interesting platform and usually the blogs I see there are eye catchy, poppy, etc. which is pretty cool.  I’ve actually since considered a little blog over there, just staying in contact with another group of people reading and sharing. Continue reading

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In the wake

We all know last week was wild.  The announcement of KDP Select doesn’t give us a right or wrong answer, and why should it?

I fully believe that too many people rely on Amazon, thinking of them as a partner versus a  distributor.  Now, comparing Amazon to B&N may be like comparing Wal-Mart to CVS… which I understand.  But no matter what comes next, for me or for you, it’s our choice.

Amazon put an option on the table.  There’s no right or wrong choice here – it’s all yours to make and follow, or not.

There has been talk that Amazon will take care of Select authors better or even that Amazon is testing the waters for something bigger in the future.

I say, fine and fine. Continue reading

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Stephen King, tacos, and running your own business.

The talk of self-publishing taking over.






I’m over it.  You should be too.  Anyone who spends more than thirty seconds reading this particular post or any post on why indie’s will take over or how big publishing will die should be ashamed of themselves.  You should be writing!


What do I mean?


Okay, let’s take Stephen King.  How much does he make a year?  $20 million?  More?  A little less?


He does that with a big publisher… if he published it all on his own, how much MORE would he make?  3 times that… 6 times that… who knows. Continue reading

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Amazon KDP Select… select to relax first, read, then make a decision for YOU.

Wow, what a wild day on Amazon, huh?


For those who haven’t seen the news, Amazon KDP opened a new exclusive option for authors.


You have to give Amazon 90 Day exclusivity to your book – meaning NO other vendors can have it.


In return you get:


  1. A chance to make your book free for 5 days within the 90 day period.  You could split the days up too.
  2. Amazon put $500,000 in lending money to give out to indies… just indies… based on how many time their book is borrowed.


It seems like a sweet deal, but it comes with many sides to consider.  I’ve seen people jump right on it, not even reading the contract.  I’ve seen some instantly hating it.

Continue reading

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Back into horror we go

So I’ve been hard at work this past week getting my next horror book, The Floors, done.  Can’t say when it’ll be live to world, still has a long way to go, but writing it has been fun… and somewhat reflective.


This is the first horror novel I’ve written since The Failed was finished back in the summer.  And even that wasn’t true horror in the sense of the elements because of the zombie element.  Zombies are fun because they themselves stand alone as the centerpiece to design scenes around. Continue reading

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The Penguin Thing… My Twenty Seven Cents.

Yeah, I’m coming in late but not really.  Last week Penguin announced their “services” for self-publishers.  The bottom line is this… for a fee you pay to Penguin, they give you some kind of service.  The articles I’ve read are vague and don’t match up – anything from formatting to cover design to uploading, but I can’t be sure of it.  On top of that, they take a cut of your books sales.


For those who are in this game, working our asses off, we quickly realize how bad of a deal this is.  It’s suicide in so many ways… all you do is pay, pay, pay.  Penguin gets their hooks in the person by stating that the manuscript will pass before the eyes of Penguin and if they like the ms, they may contact the author for a contract.


You can read this ten times over, Google it for all I care to learn more, but the question is this… who would fall for something so horribly stupid? Continue reading

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My latest release…

After months of waiting, it’s here.  It’s here!  IT’S HERE!

THE FAILED, my latest horror release, is available.

Yes, it’s a zombie novel, and yes, it’s awesome.  For those who know me, you know that I don’t take zombies lightly.  I prefer to write them with a great back story, something that can happen in today’s world…

A laboratory in New Jersey holds what has the potential to be the biggest breakthrough in medicine and science, ever. An injection named D8-C10, which has the capabilities to combat any disease and sickness through the revival of dead cells within a body.
After tests are conducted on animals, it’s time to test it out on humans. As the humans begin to die, one by one, the lab has no choice but to send the project to a different facility.
With the bodies packed into a train, a truck, and an airplane, they are off for more experiments, except there’s a problem… the D8-C10 beings to work now, after the people are dead. And the D8-C10 does exactly what it’s supposed to do, revive dead cells.
Now the bodies begin to come back to life…

Get your copy today! 🙂

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Kindle Fire Sales

Amazon won’t release data, but each time I read an article, the estimated figures for the Kindle Fire sales (ending Jan 31 2012) keep climbing. 

Amazon is also factoring in their Prime Membership w/ movies and ebooks to create the superstore, one stop shop AND one stop device kind of setting, which I think is brilliant.  It tailors to a market and I support.  People may complain that Amazon loses on the Prime Membership AND the cost of  Kindle, but it’s the c Continue reading

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