Social sharing…

This is an interesting article shared to me by a friend.

Social sharing for 2011…

What it shows for me is that there isn’t just one venue for sharing anymore, or at least one venue that does it all.  Facebook had more sharing than anyone else.  Google was down, Twitter was up a little, and Tumblr exploded into the 1,000%+ growth.

Tumblr is an interesting platform and usually the blogs I see there are eye catchy, poppy, etc. which is pretty cool.  I’ve actually since considered a little blog over there, just staying in contact with another group of people reading and sharing.

Now, how much social is too much?

That’s up to you… I personally am not very active on Google+.  Not that I’m against it, I just don’t have time.

I use Twitter and Facebook mostly.

Twitter is fun to stay in contact with people, meet people, engage in a short conversations, and share links.  I enjoy the hashtags, reading what’s happening, and getting involved.

Facebook is where I stay closer with friends and family.  I’m in quite a few groups and am able to have a conversation longer than 140 characters!

Things are growing and changing, fast.  It’s nice to keep our eyes open at what’s happening and align ourselves with it.  Always been on the lookout for another opportunity.

I enjoy this blog here to talk about writing and business stuff.  My other blog I use to talk about movies and music… and stuff… haha.  It’s more personal – my thoughts on things I’ve read and watched and very informal.

But Tumblr could be cool, when I have the time to actually look at it and understand it.

What’s your social life like online?  How many sites, blogs, etc. do you have and does it work?

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