Stephen King, tacos, and running your own business.

The talk of self-publishing taking over.






I’m over it.  You should be too.  Anyone who spends more than thirty seconds reading this particular post or any post on why indie’s will take over or how big publishing will die should be ashamed of themselves.  You should be writing!


What do I mean?


Okay, let’s take Stephen King.  How much does he make a year?  $20 million?  More?  A little less?


He does that with a big publisher… if he published it all on his own, how much MORE would he make?  3 times that… 6 times that… who knows.


But he doesn’t.


Does that make Stephen King an idiot?  No, it makes him an author.  He lets the publisher handle all the business stuff.  And there’s nothing wrong with that!  People will always query agents and agents will query editors, etc.


Not everyone wants to indie publish.


Think about how much goes into one book… writing, editing, proofing, formatting, cover, ISBN’s, uploading, tracking, marketing, pricing, collecting royalties… *whew*  Now, as a business owner, I also have… overhead, costs, taxes, etc.


It’s not quite as simple as upload and collect cash.  I wish it was.  This is a business and I treat it like a business.  I love what I do, from writing the story to tracking receipts, but it’s not an easy path.


Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a publisher do all this stuff… and I could just write… ah, to dream… but this is my life and I enjoy it.


Which brings me to my point… if you can cook eggs, does that mean you should open a breakfast restaurant?




Because the restaurant would be a business… okay, let me get to the point then… just because Stephen King can make $20 million a year, it doesn’t mean he should do it all on his own.  He needs the help, he welcomes the help, and he survive just fine.


I make kick ass tacos… but I’m not going to open a taco bar.  I like tacos.  I wouldn’t care for all the crap that comes with running a taco bar.  Just like some authors don’t want to do all the business stuff.  And that’s also why so many people jump into this business and bow out quickly.  This isn’t for the faint at heart and this isn’t for the person who writes one book.  This is a business and it must be treated with the respect a business deserves.  We must have plans and we must be able to execute those plans.


My dream in life has been to own my own business and to do something with either music or writing (or both).  Well, well, I’ve found my dream, right here.  I get write stories, share them with the world, and in the background, I get to be geeky with my giant spreadsheets tracking sales, books, vendors, patterns, trends, etc. along with all the accounting nonsense that goes along with it.  I spend at least an hour a night go over financial figures, analyzing things, making decisions.  It’s what I love to do as a business owner.


Look at Pottermore… that was supposed to change the world and it flopped.  It’s not all that easy, is it?  😉


So yes, big publishing may shift, may crack, may change, but to go away?  Come on… be real here.  There are enough big named authors to keep it stable, and there will always be authors signing new deals.  Are those authors’ idiots?  NO.  Are they making a bad choice?  NO.  Are they taking a different path than myself?  YES.  And so what, it’s their choice.


Everything is a trade-off in life and what works for you, make not work for me.  At the end of the day, the one thing we all can embrace is… the readers.  They’re out there, either holding paperback books, Kindles, Nooks, iPhones, iPads, etc.  They are the only thing that matters to me… how do I get to them, how do I entertain them, and how do I keep them coming back?  Everything else is just background noise.


About Jim Bronyaur

Jim Bronyaur writes mystery, thriller, and horror books. Grab a book at Tweet him @JimBronyaur And for those who have Kindles and Prime, you may be able to get some of Jim's books for FREE!
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