Back into horror we go

So I’ve been hard at work this past week getting my next horror book, The Floors, done.  Can’t say when it’ll be live to world, still has a long way to go, but writing it has been fun… and somewhat reflective.


This is the first horror novel I’ve written since The Failed was finished back in the summer.  And even that wasn’t true horror in the sense of the elements because of the zombie element.  Zombies are fun because they themselves stand alone as the centerpiece to design scenes around.


But when you face horror… one on one… wow, there are so many options to explore and clichés to avoid.


The Floors is about a house that has secrets within the floors.  More than that, I have the personal elements of the people living there coincide with the horror waiting – and coming – from the floors.  I’m not a fan of just jump off the page horror with one dimensional people.  Sometimes in horror, the scariest thing is the people – the characters, etc.  Good characters make great books in any genre.


Building the back story for the house and the floors was fun, trying to come up with something original that was dark and scary, but yet something that could not only happen, but in some sick way, it makes sense.  A solid background can serve as a solid foundation in writing, so use it and enjoy it.  If you have cracks, things will slip through and hurt the story.


So, while I do apologize for not being around this blog more right now, I’m glad to be back in horror… I’ve seen the release of The Failed AND I’ve launched my middle grade horror life under the pen name J Wiz with the release of Zombie Mist.  My plans for that are HUGE.  I have a zombie trilogy coming early next year plus an actual series of horror books.  As far as being Jim Bronyaur, up next we have a horror story called Within the Walls coming hopefully by Christmas.  I’m on a little kick of terror in the home – maybe because I sit in the basement all day and night and write.  I also have an interesting concept for a zombie story that needs a little more tweaking.


Being busy is working and working is fun, sometimes.  There’s a lot of crap out there right now – and I’m we’ve seen most of it.  Books to Amazon to books selling or not selling to the end of the publishing world and back… but let’s keep the sights cleared because the words are the only thing that matter.  Consider the best and worst case scenario here…


Best case:  Amazon and the other vendors leave their gates open and we are able to publish and earn a living… (key there is WE have to publish and earn a living… not rely on Amazon.  They aren’t the sellers, they are the vendors/distributors).


Worse case:  All these place shut down to “non-traditional” books.  So be it then… because (1) there will always be a place to sell your books because it’s big money now and (2) if that’s the case, I’ll have at least a dozen full manuscripts to bother agents and publishers with… WITH previously published books that have a proven track record.


Never stop working my friends.  Writing is all we can control, and do.


About Jim Bronyaur

Jim Bronyaur writes mystery, thriller, and horror books. Grab a book at Tweet him @JimBronyaur And for those who have Kindles and Prime, you may be able to get some of Jim's books for FREE!
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