Amazon heading to Japan

We know it’s gonig to happen, so it’s no surprise anymore.  For those who are writers, we see our KDP menus growing… .uk .de. fr…. etc.

Up next is Japan.  Amazon has announced they will be starting their Japan store, hopefully by Christmas.  They are working on an ereader and everything.  Funny part of this story though is that Japan hasn’t embraced the ereader market, which is a surprise to me.  However, the good news is, they will be embracing it soon enough!

And we cannot forget that Amazon already announced India sometime in 2012.  With those two markets alone, the readership is explosive.  And I mean… explosive.

Each time Amazon opens a new store, the first thing I see is the worry about translation.  Are we leaving money on the table?  In a sense, we are.  Our books aren’t in the language of the country, which really sucks.  Translation services are wildly expensive… I got a few quotes for The Devil’s Weekend and for a 75,000 novel I was looking at $7-$10k.  For one book!  I write at least six projects a year, and when you consider the backlist I’m working on, I’d spend hundreds of thousands of dollars.  So for me, I’m standing without translations, for now.  I’ve seen some authors work out commissions with translators, etc., which is a great idea, but that’s up to you.  Lots of work there with no promise of sales.

Another option is to reach out to international publishers… I found a horror publisher in Germany and have considered reaching to them to take TDW into German.

But back to my original point here…

In India, and in Japan, there are MILLIONS of English speaking and reading citizens.  And many people in those countries want English reading, speaking products.  Take music… some bands are bigger in Japan than the US!  Do those bands sing in Japanese?  Nope.

This is cool stuff here.  The more Amazon expands, the more our audience grows.  Embrace it, and keep writing.  The focus MUST be on the writing.

And to make you smile today… here’s the best sentence I’ve read in the article:

The Japanese was estimated at 65 billion yen ($846 million) in the year to March 2011, compared with roughly two trillion yen for and magazines, according to the Nikkei.


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