Amazon Fire, new Kindles, life is great.

The game is on.

Amazon not only came out and released their Kindle Fire to sort-of compete with the iPad but they also released a new line of Kindles.  And that line begins with a $79 Kindle.  Yes, that’s right, a $79 Kindle.


Mind blowing, isn’t it?


And to think we were all waiting for some kind of holiday special on an ereader to touch that $99 price point. 


Amazon crushed it, positioning themselves for the long haul because once again, they – and now the rest of the world – is seeing just how lucrative ebooks are.


The Kindle Fire is an entertainment system in my opinion.  And it runs through Amazon making your needs one stop.  This is a great idea without the extra frills that people may not want.  The system is a droid system, meaning apps  are available.  But more so, Amaozn has been working for 3 months now getting deals together with magazines.  Yeah, that’s right, magazines.  The Kindle Fire can handle books, comics, magazines, movies, music, television shows, etc.  Those who have the well worth it $79 a year Prime Membership will have access to all of Amazon’s videos. 


This is huge for many reasons.  By introducing the Kindle Fire, Amazon may not give Apple the one-two punch in the tablet market, but what they accomplish here is the ability to create their own product for their customers.  Meaning they can and will coexist with Apple… and that’s the best chance for survival in this tech world today.


Anyone who needs convincing of that should look at HP.  They thought they could come out swinging with a $500 tablet but nobody cared.  Consumers are sometimes brand driven and dedicated to that brand.  So Apple customers will buy Apple.  Bottom line.  What Amazon had to do – and did in my opinion – was create a product for their customers, the Amazon customers, AND a product for those who don’t have a tablet.  Those who aren’t sure if they want to spend $800 on an iPad, etc. etc. etc.


So Amazon took a little bit of a stripped down version of an iPad and made it $199.  Just like that, you’re in the market!


And again, on top of that, a new line of Kindles.  This is to hit early because B&N has a new Nook coming out in November. 


The exclusivity of an ereader is now dead.  And we all should be cheering that fact.  When a product is exclusive, meaning it’s new and fancy, it means it’s expensive.  It puts a certain group of consumers in line and another group shrugging their shoulders not caring.  I didn’t buy a Kindle until January 2, 2011… and I only did it when I decided to publish my own books. 


I try to imagine the average consumer… on a wide range of age groups too. 

Some may not understand ebooks, nor get the appeal.  Well, for $79, they can get a Kindle and understand the appeal.  That price point is MONSTEROUS.  Why?  Because the average new release hardcover fiction novel is $30.  So for a little under 3 hardcover books, you could own a device that holds thousands of books!  Not to mention hit the Kindle store to find great books ranging from $0.99 to $6 (which is fair price)…


Who knows, maybe this will help people enjoy books again.  Give people the urge to pick up a book.  And hey, for us here, perhaps we can now reach a bigger market of people.  The mass market paperback and the hardcover, well, they were designed to be a certain size to fit a certain price.  And people I’ve talked to HATE when a book is 500 pages or more.  I’ve had people tell me that they like read a small book…. My brain turns, thinking, if only an ereader was cheap enough for these people… and now it is. 

We can now publish novellas and short novels with ease AND without worry of costs because an ebook costs us damn near nothing and lasts forever.


So this post again bows to Amazon and their genius, but I also give credit to all the other companies out there like Apple and B&N, who are in this game too.  It’s going to be fun watching all these guys compete… and as they compete, the ereader will lose more of that exclusive appearance… and that means it’ll become a normal item in our house.  Think about the first cell phone you say – oh, ah, it was so important and cool.  Now cell phones are a normal item.  Just like big screen TV’s and flatscreen TV’s.  Just like computer, laptops, and wireless home connections. 


I’m ready for this new cycle in technology, books, and publishing.  Are you?

About Jim Bronyaur

Jim Bronyaur writes mystery, thriller, and horror books. Grab a book at Tweet him @JimBronyaur And for those who have Kindles and Prime, you may be able to get some of Jim's books for FREE!
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2 Responses to Amazon Fire, new Kindles, life is great.

  1. Red Tash says:

    I totally get it! I’m so stoked!

  2. Rachel says:

    Red sent me.

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