Four Days Off Changed My Life

Four days off.
What did I learn?
What did I do?

Well, it’s be a wild month for me, personally. But the personal details aren’t important. It’s the writing that is. And write I did.
I’m really excited for the launch of Jack Roth’s book (A Seed of Life) which should be out by Halloween. 

I’ve come to realize that sometimes social networking can be a crutch… we get lost in it.  We worry we might miss a Tweet or update or a forum post that could change our lives.  The truth is… you won’t.  It’ll all be there.  But for every second you’re surfing, looking, hoping… it’s a second you’re not writing.

Another thing hit me too… we need to reach out to our readers.  Right now, most of us have a decent platform, but how many people in that platform are readers?  Think about it – most of our connections are with other writers.  And yes, that’s important.  We need a network of writers to help us and us help them, etc.

But we need to reach our readers.  We need to talk books.  We need to find out what people want, how much they’ll pay for it, and what we can do as authors to make them happier and more likely to click BUY.  AND we need to find readers who will become fans… the kind of fans that gobble up everything you write.

Now, how to do this?  Heh, good luck.  I’ve been taking notes for days.  But I plan on experimenting soon.  There’s nothing I want more as an author than to do actually talk to my readers – or readers in general.  I love writing.  I love words.  I love books.  And I want to talk to those who feel the same.  I believe a readers point of view is vital for any of us to succeed. 

I also realized that we have to write more.  I know it’s the obvious, but damn, it’s true!  We need to get off of the boards, get off Twitter, and actually write more.  Amazon’s making changes, big publishers are fighting back, yes, yes, we all know the gloom and doom right now… but wait a minue, some authors are selling books like crazy.  As for me – this is the worst month I’ve ever had.  A week ago I blamed everyone else.  I blamed you for not buying my books.  I blamed Amazon for changing things.  I blamed the big publishers for taking backlists and making them cheap.  But then I realized this week… hey, this is my fault. 


Well, I didn’t do a good enough job to make you buy my books.  I didn’t have a good enough setup to hurdle Amazon’s changes.  And I don’t have a large enough publishing list ready to compete when the big publishers put up their backlists. 

And the only way I can fix all that is write… I went through all the words I’ve written that remained unpublished and the word count it staggering… I’m sitting on 500,000 words.  I’ll type that again – 500,000 words.  That’s a lot of writing… and all it needs is a few rounds of edits and covers. 

SO, time off is good.  So good that I’m actually going to take days off like I did once a month.  I unwind, focus, prepare, and write without distraction.

It’s been a good four days off.  Four days that I planned on just writing Jack Roth’s novel.  Instead, it changed my outlook on writing, and life.


About Jim Bronyaur

Jim Bronyaur writes mystery, thriller, and horror books. Grab a book at Tweet him @JimBronyaur And for those who have Kindles and Prime, you may be able to get some of Jim's books for FREE!
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2 Responses to Four Days Off Changed My Life

  1. jlwylie says:

    Well said Jim!
    I’m all for finding more ways to reach readers 🙂 Drop me a note if you want to toss around ideas or need some more writers to make plans work 🙂

    I totally agree with the need to write more. Lately, I’ve had a million excuses for not writing, slowly getting back into it..but I’ve edits coming out my ears- yes more excuses. LOL I’m working on it. I think I may need a drastic lifestyle change though…

    Hugs to you and happy writing!

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