Where my little adventure started.

While I’m on my little hiatus with Jack Roth finishing his debut ebook, The Seed of Life, I thought I’d pre-post this post about my first writing adventures.

Horror for me began way too early in my life.  My parents were gracious enough to let me sneak into their room on many nights after watching Pet Sematary.  And while I was afraid that the story would come true, I couldn’t help but wonder… why was it scary?  Why did I like it so much?

Even at a young age, I tried to analyze it.  Tried to find out how it all worked.  And when I turned twelve (I think) my dad came home with this huge box.  He told me it was a computer.  A giant Compaq.  With this thing called Windows.  And a mouse.  We had AOL.  Cool.  The first thing I did was open the explorer bar and type in… PLAYBOY.com.  Woah.  Boobs.  Lots of boobs.  Even the quick shot of other parts I didn’t quite understand yet.  But wait, did I mention boobs?

Yes, I was caught a few days later.  My mother told me how wrong it was, but I could see in my father’s eyes, he was proud.  I wasn’t sure if it was of me looking at boobs or the fact that I had typed it in first so he could enjoy it… but anyways, my internet privileges were gone.  Not that the internet was much of anything then.  There was news, this weird thing called e-mail, and this message system with the funny sounding voice that said, “GGhhhoood-bye!”

Now I had a keyboard and a screen. 

So I thought about horror again.

And again.

And I came up with my first story.

A man moves into town.  He opens a butchers shop.  The best one in town.  The people LOVE the meat.  They can’t get enough of it.  But they notice something.  People are missing.  The town is in a frenzy as their citizens are vanishing.  Finally someone starts to wonder… ever since that butcher moved in, people have been missing… oh, Young Jim Bronyaur, you just wrote your first ARC.  Your first transition.  Your first Ah-HA! moment in a book. 

Turns out, the butcher had been chopping and grinding the townspeople. 

Woah, sick stuff for a kid, right?


But wait, I didn’t tell you the ending…

At the end, the townspeople but the butcher through the grinder… and eat him!

And that, all my wonderful blog readers and fans, was my first story.  Ever.

I have the original printout, complete with the cheap cheesy butcher shop clipart that Microsoft provided me.  Yes, it took me two and half days to print the ten pages of the story, but damn, it’s marvelous.  A tale that sits with me hidden in my desk.  Maybe, just maybe, the greatest story I’ve ever written… because without it, who knows where I’d be today.


About Jim Bronyaur

Jim Bronyaur writes mystery, thriller, and horror books. Grab a book at www.JimBronyaur.com Tweet him @JimBronyaur And for those who have Kindles and Prime, you may be able to get some of Jim's books for FREE!
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3 Responses to Where my little adventure started.

  1. I’m so tickled that your first story had clip art. I’m jealous!

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