Soul Survivors, an anthology coming soon!

Today I’m talking with Shawn Riddle about the upcoming anthology from Knightwatch Press, Soul Survivors…

And come on, we need to embrace anthologies more.  Being able to read so many great authors in one place, under one theme is a real treat.

Tell me about the anthology – Soul Survivors.
 In a nutshell, these are two collections of stories written by authors in their hometowns and how their characters survive the extermination of the human race, whether it be vampires, werewolves, aliens, zombies, demons or a whole array of other causes. A few of the choices are even quite humorous for those with a demented sense of humour.

Did you make up the title? Where did the idea of the anthology come from?
Soul Survivors Hometown Tales Volumes 1 & 2 was an idea I had back in March of this year. I was talking with members of my Facebook Group, Moody’s Survivors- The Last of the Living and the idea hit me like a bullet. Why not have an anthology of stories where there would be only a single survivor from an apocalyptic event? In addition, this anthology would be ONLY for members of our group as a tribute to the works of David Moody whom the group was named after. I am also happy to say that Mr. Moody will be providing the introduction for each volume as well. I contacted David Naughton-Shires of KnightWatch Press and he loved the idea, and immediately authorized and collaborated with me to get the ball rolling. And that is the main theme of the books, with a small twist, the Hometown Tales part. David Naughton Shires suggested adding in the aspect of the hometown point of view. The authors would need to set their stories in the area where they live. It adds a nice sense of realism to it I believe. The title was a collaboration between myself and David Naughton Shires.

I love the idea of just writing about the apocalypse. How do you think it will happen?
More than likely through the extreme stupidity of mankind mixed with a series of natural disasters. Chemical plants being destroyed by earthquakes, hurricanes, etc… Or Nuclear power stations melting down. Things like that. Human beings are collectively the most intelligent species on this planet and also the dumbest at the same time. We don’t know when enough is enough.

When will the anthology be available?

David Naughton-Shires is shooting for an October release for Volume one of the anthology and early next year for volume two.

Who’s publishing the anthology?
KnightWatch Press.

Do they have any other open submissions?
Certainly, another anthology that I am editing called “The Blue, The Grey, and The Scarlet” a civil war horror based anthology. A 2012 Drabble Calendar, Drabbles being stories of 100 words no more no less. Tales From the Bell Club, an anthology I am co editing based on a gentlemen’s club where the members trade stories of terror. Machina Mortis, a steam punk horror anthology. New Tales of the old ones, an H.P. Lovecraft based anthology. Soon to be announced a Pirate Horror Anthology as I understand it. Here is the link to their website for more information on the open calls.

Be honest, is 2012 the end?
Not even close, I don’t buy into that particular superstition.

I hear you’ve lined up some big names… who’s in your table of contents?
As I stated before, the anthology is made up of members of my Facebook group, Moody’s Survivors. Some of the better known names contributing to the anthology are Joe McKinney, Patrick D’Orazio, Bowie Ibarra, and Tonia Brown. Many of the stories are first time publications from our members, and if I do say so myself, each and every one of them is awesome.

What about you personally, what are you up to?
Currently I am putting the final touches onto Volume One of Soul Survivors and getting ready to dive into Volume Two. Also as I mentioned earlier I am editing and co-editing two other anthologies, The Blue The Grey and The Scarlet, and Tales From The Bell Club. In addition, I am editing a novel for KnightWatch press and working on a secret project with a fellow author to be released next year hopefully. Once I am done editing these anthologies and the novel, my plan is to concentrate more heavily on writing, but still more than happy to edit another anthology for KnightWatch, it’s a lot of fun.

So there you have it… Soul Survivors… look for it soon!


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