Follow up on B&N post…

Last week I talked about the investment from Liberty Media for B&N.  Since that time the stock has dropped and dropped.  When I took the snapshot below, it was down hovering at $10 per share. 

Today’s market has it pulling up towards $11.

This is a struggle of balance right now for the stock, which is interesting to see.  But if the stock does rise and level out – probably around the $10-$11 range, it shows the potential that B&N has and that its NEW investors believe so.

I say new investors because the stock price activity shows that some people have had it with B&N and walked away.  These were the ones looking for the full takeover and/or buyout of the company.  For those holding, waiting for the $17/per share offer to come in, the deal of just an investment may have triggered their sell signals.  Don’t forget investors invest not just on the company – investing needs to be done without emotion. 

And as people sell and the shares drop, this creates a panic feeling, and it keeps going down.  Now some people feel that right now in the $10-$11 range, that B&N is at a good price for buying.

I believe that people are getting in… why not?  If they could really get their Nook brand growing and get ahead of the crowd, and find a way to make and keep their brick and mortars profitable, B&N could really be a big player in the book and publishing game.

Again, I’ll go back to what I said before… this is the true power of self publishing and the power of ebooks.  If I was holding B&N stock right now, I’d keep it.  Then again, if I was a person with shares in the $5 range… I would have sold last week on the news of the investment, and then scooped them back up just under the $10 mark.  But that’s me.

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