The best marketing plan? A good book.

It’s been said a thousand times, so let’s make it one thousand and one.

Your marketing plan should begin with you next book. 

Trust me.  I’m the guy who has spent hours thinking of dumb things to try.  I’m the guy who spent money on dumb things that never worked.  I’m the guy who still has dumb things in my house from those dumb attempts that never worked.

You could pay for an ad on Facebook.  Let them show you the “impressions”.  You could pay for other ads, big or small.  Yes, some are effective, but my thought is this… if you’re going to invest – and keyword is invest here.  An advertising plan is an investment.  You are putting out that money with the hope for a return.  If you’re going to invest your hard earned money into something like an ad, would you want one book out?  Or five?

Of course the answer is five.

I’ve held off going for the big ads just yet.  I won’t be going near them until I have a healthy list of books.  I want someone to click on my ad and be shipped to Amazonland and say, “WOW!  Look at this guy… this Jim guy.  He’s get like six books out.  He’s a real author…”

And the steps to get here are as follows:

1.  Write Book One

2.  Write Book Two

3.  Write Book Three

4.  Write Book Five


Get the picture?  Don’t fret just yet over ads and this and that and cash out of your pocket.  Get your book done, get it published.  Get some reviews, yes.  Get some sales, yes yes.  But while this is happening do NOT forget your daily word count goal and get to work on the next book.

Got it?  Good.


About Jim Bronyaur

Jim Bronyaur writes mystery, thriller, and horror books. Grab a book at Tweet him @JimBronyaur And for those who have Kindles and Prime, you may be able to get some of Jim's books for FREE!
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2 Responses to The best marketing plan? A good book.

  1. Aonghus Fallon says:

    Good advice. Most authors hit a dry patch with their dreaded fourth novel. Best to skip it entirely…… 🙂

    • Jim Bronyaur says:

      The fourth novel dry patch? Interesting… I guess by that point, most authors are through a backlist and now have to rely on a fresh set of words. Makes sense. But yet, the key is to just write, write, write.

      Thanks for the comment!

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