Summer Blues

I look at my calendar.  The writings in black pen, pencil, and black marker make it look more like my one year old son’s coloring job versus my schedule for this month.   When you look at the sales, the ad spots, the guest posts, the emails exchanged, the posts set up and gone live, not to mention the note already taken for future projects in September and on, I could easily see myself being home everyday working… my true dream filled.

But then I head to KDP, et. al, and see the sales.  I cringe.  My heart races.  My stomach turns.  I find my mouth has gone dry, and the quick seconds of time beg me to give up, give in, beg for mercy to go back and have a redo at my entire life… yes, my inner voice is quite dramatic sometimes.

I write this because thread after thread, post after post, worry after worry… they’re meaningless right now.  It’s August.  It’s summer.  The economy sucks, yet again.  The markets are crazy.  A vile election is looming.  There’s record heat.  There’s record rain.  School’s starting in two weeks for most US children, and parents are scrambling. 

It’s okay.

Sales are slow, down, and for some, out. 

It’s okay.

Rethink your marketing strategy.  Dust off an old project and start working.  It’s not too late to plan for the fall and winter seasons.  Live today, but plan for tomorrow.  Look towards December.  To January.  To March.  To April.  To May even.  Prepare for those moments when everyone’s scooping up ebooks.  Instead of worrying about scrounging up a sale today, why not think about your placement in the ebook world in six or seven months?  Are you going to be there?  If so, how many books will be out? 

Don’t dwell on today… trust me.  Right now, I’m tired for a crap night of sleep.  I feel gross because I stood outside for two hours in the heat this morning.  I’m miserable because I’m sick of feeling air conditioning hitting me.  My allergies are driving me nuts.  My contacts are scratching my eyes.  The wall in my office rattles when the A/C is on and it’s making me crazy. 

Okay, I’m done now.  🙂

Seriously, stick to your guns, find your path, stay on it, and keep moving.


About Jim Bronyaur

Jim Bronyaur writes mystery, thriller, and horror books. Grab a book at Tweet him @JimBronyaur And for those who have Kindles and Prime, you may be able to get some of Jim's books for FREE!
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4 Responses to Summer Blues

  1. This is an interesting situation as I’ve heard several authors complain of lower sales for July and August especially. I wonder if this is a yearly thing?

    • Jim Bronyaur says:

      Jason, thanks for the comment.

      From what I’ve seen, there is a summer slowdown. Which makes sense – some industries thrive in the summer, some don’t. Look at it this way – kids are out of shcool, people go on vacations, there’s parties, outdoor activities, etc. Now in August, you have the back-to-school routine while fending off those last hot days of summer. I’m sure come October when things are calmer and cooler, people will be reading more and buying more ebooks. Not to mention how many people will be buying Kindles, Nooks, iPads, etc. for Christmas presents? This year is going to be a record year for ereading capability devices.

  2. I just think of summer as a time to vacation, which (for me) is a time to catch up on reading. Surely there are many factors into the whole equation. Maybe I’ll see if Smashwords or Amazon has any monthly sales figures that back this up.

    • Jim Bronyaur says:

      That would be nice to see if Amazon or Smashwords posts something.

      I just know from seeing a lot of discussions on KindleBoards that sales are slower in the July and August months. For me, since I’m still building my following, I can’t chime in – this is my first July and August time around.

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