Tweeting ‘n your writing…

There was a quick article in WSJ yesterday that caught my eye.  The Syfy show ‘Haven’ is going to intergrate Twitter into its show.

Certain characters have started their own Twitter accounts and will be using the accounts to go along with the show.  The article says some Tweets will be used a plot drivers for the show while some parts in the show will be written to convey viewers to hop on Twitter and read the feed of a character.

It’s tough pull off but it shows the power of Twitter AND social networking.

I meet a lot of people who don’t understand Twitter or how to use it, etc… and granted, Twitter can seem so foreign when you first sign up.  I’ve met some great contacts through Twitter and speak highly of it.  I was lucky enough to get two people to write their experiences with Twitter and send it to me.  I’ll be posting that next week. 

SO what do you think about creating a Twitter account for your character?  It seems strange but I’ve seen it pulled off before and quite well.  My problem is that as a horror writer, many of my characters end up dead so it’s hard to have a Twitter account!  But I do have a series planned for 2012 and my lead character would make a great Tweeter… so this idea has been working inside my head too.

I like the idea of having your characters become even more real by being able to interact with others.  In the past this was done through animated things or such (think Odd Thomas from Dean Koontz).  But now you could “be your character” and really make fans.  Think about the power of marketing and social networking when they mix like this.  Your character could be a real person… so real that readers want more and want your books and your characters stories…

See, right now, in marketing, there’s talk about “new marketing” or “new advertising”.  Let’s face it, plastering an ad doesn’t work so much anymore.  Don’t beleive me?  My test is this:  What were the last three ads on your Facebook page?  I bet you couldn’t tell me… and that’s the evolution of us as people.  We are so smoothered and used to ads, we don’t pay attention to them.  So we need new marketing… and whether you like Twitter or not, this is a new chance at that.  This is quite literally bringing your characters to life…


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