A tablet war.

The tablet war… seriously?  No, wait, seriously?


A tablet war?


While I’m not doubting this statement or any of the information I’ve read, I’m in shock that I was so naïve myself to the fact that tablets are becoming a necessity to our lives.


When the iPad came out, it looked cool.  And that’s where I left it.  Now, it’s a huge market.  And you know what?  It should be… and will be… and will grow.


I read an article not long ago say that people will soon have a laptop, a smartphone, and a tablet.  I laughed.  Why would anyone have three devices like that?


Uh… me…


I’m serious.  I’m very ready to purchase a tablet right now.  And I’ve figured out how each device works in our life.  And yes, this includes you writers out there.


First off, we need a laptop.  We need a laptop to write on.  That’s it.  I can’t under a screen keyboard to write, sorry.  I have a laptop, that’s my baby, and that’s where I write the horror that you all love and read.


For my smartphone, it’s handy.  I can check my emails on the go, respond if I have to.  I can check my Twitter feed, my site, my book sales, etc. on the small screen.  It’s a convenient item to have for when I’m in the car, in the line at the grocery store, etc.  To use it for anything more… eh, doesn’t work for me.


And now you have something in between.  A tablet.  Something that’s handy but bigger.  Something I can open KindleBoards on and hang out while I’m relaxing the couch without wires and a giant screen of a keyboard.  Something I can leave my Twitter up on and watch it.  Talk.  Enjoy life.  Watch a baseball.  Right?


In other words, I get the appeal of the tablet.  I get it.  And I want one now.  And for those on the fence, just remember, a tablet is also an ebook reader!  With Amazon’s Kindle Cloud launch, the tablet has become that much cooler.  People can go to Amazon’s site, load a cloud, and BAM, have their Kindle library at their hands. 


While I’m not a fan of Apple as a company, they are quite often the ones who offer the best product.  So I’ll leave the floor open here… if you own a tablet, which one do you own and why?


About Jim Bronyaur

Jim Bronyaur writes mystery, thriller, and horror books. Grab a book at www.JimBronyaur.com Tweet him @JimBronyaur And for those who have Kindles and Prime, you may be able to get some of Jim's books for FREE!
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2 Responses to A tablet war.

  1. I said the same thing about a computer many years ago. Now we have two laptops, a desk computer, Ipad. and a blackberry storm (soon to be replaced, I hope, with something else). Oh yeah, I have a kindle also. (the original until it goes up, then a newer version will be added to my collection) They are all mine except for the one laptop. I swore I would not get the IPAD when it came out. No way! No how! On a whim, I wanted one around Christmas. I love toys! Must have said it 3 or 4 times. My hubby finally said, “Dear, why don’t you put us both out of your misery and just buy one. You know you will anyway.” So I did. I love it. I don’t know what I would do without it. I used it when we went to Scotland. Was wonderful keeping posted on my email, twitter and FB. Not to mention reading. I have an app on there called Bluefire Reader. It is easier to read PDF files. There are many more things I could probably do on it; but I learn and play as needed.

    • Jim Bronyaur says:

      Thanks Eva!!!!!

      That’s exactly what I want one for. I like to stay current ALL THE TIME… I like to be online, checking things, talking to people. But I don’t like having a laptop on me nor do I like the small screen of my iPhone. A tablet would be perfect. I can now see myself with all three technologies – and it scares me a little! Oh, and I have a Kindle too… go figure! 🙂


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