This whole thing is about YOU.  Not me.  Not anyone else.  It’s about YOU.

What’s your plan?

What’s your goal?

Track down the smallest dream in your mind… find it.  Hold it.

Track down the largest dream in your mind… find it.  Hold it.

Now go get them…

My dream a few months back was to help support my family.  I landed a few writing gigs that allowed me to buy my son a can of formula and two Hot Wheels cars.  I was the happiest man alive.

My bigger dream is much bigger, one I keep tight to my chest, but I’m holding it.

Your dreams are yours.  If you’re writing because it’s your thing, never give it up.  Days will come where you feel invisible, screaming at the top of your lungs with nobody looking towards you.  And then some days… you’ll feel like the king – or queen – or the world.  Books are selling, your conversing, you’re living the dream.

But no matter what… it always starts and ends with YOU.  You’re the leader, the boss, the man, the woman, the writer, the author, the publishing, the marketing, the social networker, the KindleBoard-er, the everything-er. 

Never forget that.  NO matter what anyone says, it’s always about YOU.


About Jim Bronyaur

Jim Bronyaur writes mystery, thriller, and horror books. Grab a book at Tweet him @JimBronyaur And for those who have Kindles and Prime, you may be able to get some of Jim's books for FREE!
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