Twitter… Get That Cash…

WSJ article today.  Very interesting stuff about Twitter.  We’ve seen their ads – you know those sponsored Tweets that haunt the top of our Hootsuite dashboard. 

Twitter is hoping their trend of paid ads continue to rise and rise, to keep their multi billionaire-dollar valuation standing.

It’s an interesting idea for this style of marketing.  Why?  Because the vendors pay to be sponsored and then rely on us (Tweeters) to RT the Tweets and keep them going all day long.  Or they start to trend, with a hashtag. 

Why am I writing about this?

I find it interesting.  The internet, the consumer, it’s all being looked at differently now.  They can’t just pepper us with ads about drinking Coca-Cola, they must attract us to their brand.  Give us that sense of coolness, ah, yes, I want to be invovled.  And Twitter is the platform for it.  If a brand is Tweeted and ReTweeted and it picks up steam, guess what?  The company doesn’t have to work as hard now… the people are doing it for them. 

Twitter is also launching a service that will anyone to buy ads for Twitter.


Ads are okay in the general form of ads, but could you imagine a feed with hundreds of ads streaming?  And then, I have to say this, you know what will come next right?

Paying for Twitter… ?

I know Facebook keeps cool with the ads on the side but their 700 million user base allows it. 

Twitter is desperate to prove it’s big price tag right now.  And I really hope that desperation doesn’t lead to horrible moves.  Think about the markets right now… tech companies, internet companies, even Dunkin’ Donuts are cashing in big on large valued IPO’s.  And those who are stretching themselves too much right now *cough NetFlix cough* are going to start suffering very soon.

It’s a tough struggle when you need growth, but things must be done right.

So tell me, can you see yourself paying $X,XXX,XXX for ad space on Twitter?

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