Amazon… like a slow moving snake…

When I say snake in my title I don’t mean anything negative.  I just mean Amazon moves slow but possesses strength.

And they are moving and grooving.

Those who say anything about Amazon moving too slow in reference to global Kindle growth, etc. needs to pipe down because they are doing it the right way.  Growth needs to be slow, needs to be controlled, and needs to be monitored.

Amazon and their video service which is free with their Prime Membership reached a deal with NBC to make over 9,000 movies and TV programs available.  This comes after their deal with CBS. 

And what comes next?

Slow growth, but amazing potential.

The Prime Membership is only $79 for the year.  And it comes with FREE two day shipping on most items.  I will fully disclose here and let you all know that I’ve had a Prime Membership for two years and I enjoy it.  I’ve made the cost of the membership back again and again with my purchases from the site.

I will also disclose that I have NOT used their video service yet.

I believe they will need to grow the idea more and allow more accesibility… right now, I just checked my iPhone app and I cannot access to video features from it.  BOO. 

I say this and compare this because the growth of Amazon isn’t done.  And guess what is done?  In my opinion… NetFlix.  They are overstrung and now with the price increase, NetFlix finds them in a tough spot.  Their growth was crazy… the stock price flying up and now they are stuck.  And I mean stuck.  Why?  Because investors have seen growth and want more.  Investors want MONEY.  They want growth on money.  And now NetFlix has to step up and deliver.

I personally feel bad for NetFlix because they are a great company to work with.  Perhaps their streaming was too much too soon, hence my applause of Amazon taking things slow.  I have a NetFlix account and have DVD’s plus streaming.  Now I have to pay for both seperate.  Not cool at all.  I’ve already downgraded my plan and am considering other options… if Amazon was to get something expanded into an app for streaming and/or allowing a gaming system hookup, I may leave NetFlix.

At the helm of NetFlix, you have so many people holding stock worth so much money, but the burning question is… Is that money real or just an inflation of a company that happened to grow in the bad economy? 

Also, the basic streaming plan for NetFlix is $8/mo.  $8 x 12 months is $96, more then Amazon’s Prime Membership.  And sure, right now, there is the capability factor that NetFlix has that Amazon doesn’t.  That’s why as of this writing I still have NetFlix.

As long as Amazon takes their time, they’ll be fine.  They’ve always been fine.  I like their management style.  NetFlix however… not to be over zealous or try and be rude to them, but what do you think about the possibility of them selling themselves in the next five to ten years?  Do you think they can stand stable with the pressure at hand?


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Jim Bronyaur writes mystery, thriller, and horror books. Grab a book at Tweet him @JimBronyaur And for those who have Kindles and Prime, you may be able to get some of Jim's books for FREE!
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2 Responses to Amazon… like a slow moving snake…

  1. Anthony says:

    Personally I think Netflix is screwed because their deals with NBC, CBS, ABC and all the rest are coming due soon and they are going to be a victim of their own success. The next round the media providers are going to want a bigger piece of the pie and will charge mega bucks for content licensing, which Netflix will likely pass onto the consumer, meaning either even higher prices or more limited content.

    Either way Amazon is about to eat their lunch.

    • Jim Bronyaur says:

      See, NetFlix had an idea that worked. And then they went crazy with it… and the stock seemed so darn safe it just kept going up and up and up. I mean, even in a bad economy, NetFlix was able to survive and grow because they were price friendly. For $10 a month, you could have movies… whereas a movie ticket now costs about $15.

      But now, who knows what people will do. As I said, I’ve lowered my plan with NetFlix.

      And in the background of it all, maybe this is what NetFlix needed to do. Maybe the upkeep with subscriptions and DVD’s were getting too much. So instead of collapsing, they raise prices. If they lose X amount of people as customers, do they make up from those who stay? Now, they only have to ship 1 DVD to me at a time but yet make the same as sending 2 DVD’s…

      It’s interesting, but I do fear what will happen to their stock price.

      And by the way, thanks for the comment! 🙂

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